Frequently Asked Questions

What does my kit include?
You can find a comprehensive list of the items supplied for each frame in the individual product listings. In short, the key elements you get are oak posts, oak braces, softwood weatherboard and staddle stones.

Do your Chippy kits include bricks?
No, these will need to be purchased separately. Many people like to source a specific brick in order for their building to remain in keeping with its surroundings, so they are not supplied as standard. If you do decide to purchase our special width bricks, just add the number you need to your shopping basket. The exact amount you require is listed in the product details of your chosen frame.

Can I use a standard brick for your frames?
Not really! We recommend a brick that is 150mm wide so that it fits flush to your soleplate.

Do your Chippy kits include tiles?
No, these will need to be purchased separately. As with bricks, many people like to source a specific tile to stay in keeping with other buildings or even their region. The product information for each garage includes the total roof area and number of tiles required, based on a coverage of 60 per square metre.

Am I capable of building my own frame?
A good, and important, question! If you are a trades person or a very accomplished DIYer, you are most likely more than capable of erecting a Chippy frame. Don’t forget, however, that there are several other stages involved, from pouring your concrete slab to tile fitting. You will therefore either have to be competent in these area or happy to manage other workers/contractors.

What instructions/guides do Chippy frames come with?
All the joints on the frame will be numbered; the instructions we provide give details on how to piece these together.

How do I know the frame will fit on site?
Every single Chippy frame is dry-fitted in workshop to ensure fit and make the build process as smooth as possible.

Can you fit my frame for me?
Of course! We supply bespoke Oak Framed Buildings and have nationwide teams of fitters that can manage the process from start to finish if required. Just get in touch. If you are some way from our base in East Sussex it may prove more cost efficient to hire local contractors.

What is a staddle stone?
These are sometimes also called saddle stones or padstones. Originally, they were used to raise barns from the ground to prevent vermin stealing crops. Now, they are commonly used in oak framed buildings to support the upright oak posts.

What are barn, barn-hip and gable rooflines?
You may have noticed that our 47 standard designs feature one of three possible roof profiles. These are as follows:
Gable - Front & rear rooflines tiled to apex. No tiling to sides.
Hip - All four sides of roofline tiled to apex.
Barn Hip - Front & rear rooflines tiled to apex. Side rooflines tiled from halfway.

Do I need planning permission or building regulations?
As all of our frames are just less than 4m tall, you should not need planning permission. Building regulations depend on the footprint of your building; anything under 30m2 is typically free from any requirement (this covers all of our 1-bay and some of our 2-bay garages). Both of these are subject to confirmation from your local authority.

Can I request slight modifications to your designs?
Of course! We also supply bespoke oak framed buildings so can accommodate any requirement. Please bear in mind that we are able to keep costs down on Chippy frames as they are standard, but do have to charge accordingly for any changes.

Will you store my credit card details?
Definitely not. We do not keep any credit card details on file. The payment process tool we use, (Website Payment Pro from Paypal), generates a one time transaction and does not record or pass on any information.

Will you share my details with any third parties
No. We will maintain your privacy at all times.

How will my building be delivered?
This depends. If you are in the South of England, including London, it is likely that we will deliver using our own vehicles. For deliveries further afield, we have established a trusted network of transport companies.

What happens if I want to return my oak frame?
Obviously, Oak Framed Buildings are very large items that are built to order. As such, please be certain that you require your frame before ordering. Any return would have to be made within 7 days and will incur significant expense, which we would not be liable for if the correct building has been delivered in good condition. Please be assured, however, that we will always work with you in the event of a problem.
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