Oak Framed Building Accessories

Garage Accessories

Many of our oak framed garage designs already feature log-stores, side aisles and half bays. However, if you require a different combination of these features, or a partition, they can be browsed and added to your order here. This is ideal for creating secure parking or storage areas in your oak framed garage. We also offer a range of ancillary products including bricks and garage doors, that can be used with the oak framed garage kits we supply, or other projects you may already be working on. Please note that our kits are supplied with tapered granite staddle stones, therefore these do not need to be ordered separately. However, should you prefer an alternative staddle stone this can be accommodated for. If you require tiles or shingles for your oak frame, please contact us to discuss the range of options we offer.
PP1 Planning Pack Planning Pack
LOG001 Log Store Log Store
HAL001 Half Bay Half Bay
PAR001 Partition Partition
AIS001 Side Aisle Side Aisle
BR152 Extra Wide Bricks Extra Wide Bricks
DOOR Ironmongery Pack Ironmongery Pack
DOO001 Garage Doors Garage Doors
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