4-Bay Oak Framed Garage/Car Port Building

4-Bay Oak Frame Garages

Our oak framed garages can be used for more than just parking. Our larger standard designs, such as these 4-bays, can be customised to fulfil most requirements. These kits can be fitted with side aisles, partitions and garage doors in order to provide secure storage. These additions can be found under the custom options and accessories sections. All Chippy oak frames can be assembled by our own nationwide teams, or your own team. Avid DIYers may even wish to take on the challenge themselves. All our garage kits feature pre numbered joints and are supplied with assembly instructions.
CH4G Garage Kit CH4G - 11.050 x 5.3m
CH4GL Garage Kit CH4GL - 12.150 x 5.3m
CH45G Garage Kit CH45G - 12.550 x 5.3m
CH45GL Garage Kit CH45GL - 13.650 x 5.3m
CH4B Garage Kit CH4B - 11.050 x 5.3m
CH4BL Garage Kit CH4BL - 12.150 x 5.3m
CH45B Garage Kit CH45B - 12.550 x 5.3m
CH45BL Garage Kit CH45BL - 13.650 x 5.3m
CH4H Garage Kit CH4H - 11.050 x 5.3m
CH4HL Garage Kit CH4HL - 12.150 x 5.3m
CH4HA Garage Kit CH4HA - 12.550 x 5.3m
CH4HAL Garage Kit CH4HAL - 13.650 x 5.3m
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