3-Bay Oak Framed Garage/Car Port Building

3-Bay Oak Frame Garages

As with all the oak framed garage kits we supply, our 3-bay garages are traditionally crafted using oak pegged mortise and tenon joints. All oak frames are then pre-assembled in our workshop, to ensure quality and ease of build once delivered to site. Our 3-bay garage kits are ideal option for a household with two vehicles who are also looking for additional storage space. Many of our oak framed 3-bay kits are customised through the addition of log-stores, side aisles and half-bays. Oak framed garages of this size will require planning permission and building regulations, both processes are in house teams can help guide you through.
CH3G Garage Kit CH3G - 8.325 x 5.3m
CH3GL Garage Kit CH3GL - 9.425 x 5.3m
CH35G Garage Kit CH35G - 9.825 x 5.3
CH35GL Garage Kit CH35GL - 10.925 x 5.3m
CH3B Garage Kit CH3B - 8.325 x 5.3m
CH3BL Garage Kit CH3BL - 9.425 x 5.3m
CH35B Garage Kit CH35B - 9.825 x 5.3m
CH35BL Garage Kit CH35BL - 10.925 x 5.3m
CH3H Garage Kit CH3H - 8.325 x 5.3m
CH3HL Garage Kit CH3HL - 9.425 x 5.3m
CH3HA Garage Kit CH3HA - 9.825 x 5.3m
CH3HAL Garage Kit CH3HAL - 10.925 x 5.3m
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