1-Bay Oak Framed Garage

1-Bay Oak Frame Garages

The Chippy range of 1-Bay oak framed garages are an affordable and simple solution if you have a single vehicle to park. They may also be exempt from planning permission and building regulations given the small footprint they occupy. We offer 11 standard designs of 1-Bay oak framed garage kit that can feature either a gable or barn-end roof profile, allowing you to match nearby buildings. Full hip roofing profiles are not offered on our 1-Bay oak framed garages, as complete tiling to all four sides is only suitable for larger oak frames. Our in-house teams can you guide through the process of purchasing, planning and constructing your oak framed garage project if required. All garage kits are supplied with pre-numbered joints and assembly instructions, should you decide to assemble the kit yourself or have your own contractors.
CH1G Garage Kit CH1G - 2.875 x 5.3m
CH1SG Garage Kit CH1SG - 2.875 x 5.6m
CH1GA Garage Kit CH1GA - 4.375 x 5.6m
CH1SGL Garage Kit CH1SGL - 3.975 x 5.6m
CH15G Garage Kit CH15G - 4.375 x 5.3m
CH15GL Garage Kit CH15GL - 5.475 x 5.3m
CH1SB Garage Kit CH1SB - 2.875 x 5.6m
CH1BA Garage Kit CH1BA - 4.375 x 5.6m
CH1SBL Garage Kit CH1SBL - 3.975 x 5.6m
CH15B Garage Kit CH15B - 4.375 x 5.3m
CH15BL Garage Kit CH15BL - 5.475 x 5.3m
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