Oak Framed Garage Project Photos

9 October 2019 in General

A selection of photos from recent projects featuring Chippy oak framed garage kits.

Over the last 12 months, Round Wood of Mayfield have supplied over 100 customers with oak framed garage kits from their ‘Chippy’ range.

These have included tradespeople and accomplished DIY enthusiasts who have assembled the oak frames themselves, as well as clients who request a full-service solution from groundworks to roofing.

We asked a couple if we could take photos of their completed projects:

CH3HAL- From £6,905.00

3-Bay Oak Framed Garage Kit  - Features a side aisle and log-store




CH2B - From £3,575.00

2-Bay Oak Framed Garage Kit with Barn Hip Roof Profile, Features a Log-Store



A bit more about Chippy oak framed garage kits

Chippy frames vary from one to four bays, are available with gable, hip or barn-end roofs and can include half-bays, aisles, and log-stores. Prices start at just £2395 plus VAT for a CH1G, oak framed garage kit with gable roofline.

All buildings are traditionally crafted using curved braces and perfectly cut, oak pegged, mortise and tenon joints. Only green oak is used, which contracts over time to provide further stability.

All frames are pre-assembled in the workshop prior to dispatch to ensure fit and ease of build.

Round Wood of Mayfield also supply bespoke oak framed buildings should a ‘Chippy’ kit not meet your exact requirements.

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